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Guide for Nurses During Admission and Discharge

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Nursing-AdmissionThere are many things to consider when admitting or discharging a patient in a health care facility. Introcomm can assist healthcare facilities with numerous admissions and discharge objects, especially focusing on clear and concise communication between the healthcare staff and the patient/family.

The following checklist, inspired by a nursing school lesson plan from the Texas Education Agency, contains suggestions and recommendations for guiding a patient through a smooth admissions and discharge process. Please contact us to learn more about utilizing our customized communications toolkit.

Greeting the Patient

Specific admission procedures will depend on the policy of the healthcare facility, however many of these recommendations are relevant for most hospitals and facilities. In some healthcare facilities, the patient is taken directly to the room, where the actual admission process begins. Most facilities, however, start the admission process in the admitting office. A preliminary interview of the patient is done to obtain the necessary medical and financial information.  It is important for the family to remain with the patient for this interview.

The First Impression

1. Greet each patient in a friendly, cheerful manner.
2. Introduce yourself, and take the patient to their room.
3. If the patient has a friend or relative with him/her, invite them to accompany you to the room.
4. Introduce the patient to other healthcare providers in the room.

Communication Throughout the Admission Procedure

Statistics show that HCAHPS scores are improved when healthcare providers help the patient become familiar with the new surroundings. Even simple explanations can help the patient feel more connected and cared for by the hospital staff.

1. Explain the facility’s policy on visitors, and the use of the television and telephone.
2. Demonstrate how to use the signal cord system, remote-control television and automatic bed controls.
3. Tell the patient when meals are served.
4. Answer any questions he/she has about scheduled procedures and daily rounding.
5. Comfort the patient by showing him/her where personal items are stored
6.  Make a list of the clothing and personal items the patient has, have the patient or a member of the family sign the list, give a copy to the patient and to the nursing supervisor to include in the patient’s chart.

Communicating With Family During Admission

1. Create an atmosphere of warmth and understanding for the patient and the patient’s family.
2. Always be courteous and helpful to the patient and the patient’s family.
3. Kindly communicate with family members during times when they may be required to leave the room.
4. Promptly alert the family when they may return to the patient’s room.
5. If the patient is unable to answer the admission questions, have a family member help you with the information needed

Planning for the Patient’s Discharge

There are many things to consider when planning for the patient’s discharge.  If the illness has not been long, complicated, or severe, there may not be special preparations other than general health instructions and information concerning the actual discharge (such as the time and date the patient will be discharged).  For other patients, the discharge process is more complicated. The patient’s attitude towards discharge and continued progress toward recovery must be considered. If being discharged to home, the patient may need reassurance that recovery will continue at home.

The nurse should make sure the patient has been given instructions by the doctor for home care and understands the instructions for:
1. Taking medications
2. Exercise programs
3. Physical therapy
4. Changing dressings
5. Giving injections
6. Respiratory treatments that will be continued at home.
* If possible, the nurse should give the patient a written copy of the instructions, such as a copy of the diet or an appointment card for a return visit to the doctor

Patient care does not end when the patient is discharged. The patient may receive visits from a home health agency to supervise the care and treatment.  The patient’s home care should make use of existing community resources so the patient and the family will not have to undertake the financial and emotional burden. The patient may be concerned about being able to manage for himself/herself.  These worries may keep the patient from looking forward to leaving the healthcare facility. The patient may wonder what kinds of treatment, if any, will be needed at home and how it will be done. Provisions for special nursing care, such as provided by visiting nurses, may be needed for the patient who is unable to manage his/her own hygiene and personal care.  An important consideration may be whether help will be required for meals, grocery shopping, etc., for a patient living alone and how long such help will be needed. 

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A Letter to Dr. Santa

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  Dear Dr. Santa,

  Please bring us happy and engaged patients,
  higher HCAHPS scores, awesome communications tools,
  lower readmission rates and higher reimbursements.

  Holly Jingle
  Director of Patient Experience
  North Pole General Hospital

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Welcome Community Health Westview Hospital

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Welcome Community Health Westview Hospital
Dave Kohl

Introcomm would like to welcome the latest partner in patient experience enhancement: “Community Health Westview Hospital”! Welcome to the Introcomm Family! We first met Sue Yeskie, VP of Marketing and Communications at Community Health Westview Hospital, during the Fall Indiana Hospital Marketing and Public Relations Society Conference at Reid Hospital. She asked us to help her with their admissions and discharge process. Our first step was a comprehensive evaluation, including a site visit at Community Health Westview Hospital. We conducted thorough interviews regarding their HCAHPS concerns, patient experience initiatives and current communication tactics. We did a review of the current patient handbook used at Westview Hospital. With this information, we developed a solid plan to address the HCAHPS pain points at Westview Hospital.

To get a more detailed description of how we came up with our solutions to help Community Health Westview Hospital and to schedule a site visit at your hospital, please contact me at and we can talk about how we can help you improve your HCAHPS scores and enhance your patient experience.


Dave has been working with numerous hospitals for over 3 years improving the patient experience and enhancing HCAHPS scores by conducting in-depth research and interviews with key hospital personnel and patient advocacy groups. After gathering valuable information from the hospitals, Dave provide detailed solutions that are easy to implement with little or no cost. Dave has over 25 years’ experience in providing innovative solutions to all types of customer related problems and is highly successful in improving customer relations in a variety industries.

Dave has been working with numerous hospitals for over 3 years improving the patient experience and enhancing HCAHPS scores by conducting in-depth research and interviews with key hospital personnel and patient advocacy groups. After gathering valuable information from the hospitals, Dave provide detailed solutions that are easy to implement with little or no cost. Dave has over 25 years’ experience in providing innovative solutions to all types of customer related problems and is highly successful in improving customer relations in a variety industries.

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What is CarePak™ and How can it be Utilized as an Effective Marketing Tool?

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What is CarePak and How can it be Utilized as an Effective Marketing Tool?
Christy Whipple

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And Introcomm’s proprietary CarePak™ is a first-of-its-kind, customizable admissions packet that allows you to deliver your message to your patients in a convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective manner.

This completely customizable and personally branded packet includes: Admission information; Admission and discharge paperwork; Informational guides for patients and their visitors; Hospital resource and directory information; And so much more. We put it all in one convenient package: a single source resource that welcomes your patients to the hospital, explains the admissions process, educates them about their care, and explains their discharge proceedings.

The staff of Introcomm has developed an ideal layout and combination of this much needed information and compiled it for you, relieving your busy admissions team and allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently. CarePak™ assists with the patent perception of quality care. Our studies have shown that communication is the key to successful patient experience.

Throughout the pages of this helpful patient guide, are numerous opportunities to cross-market your hospital’s facilities and services. Advertise your hospital’s eating establishments, gift shops, coffee shops and more. Remind patients of the importance of post stay care by sharing information about hospital sponsored walk-in clinics and rehabilitation facilities. Includes a section of success stories featuring “local celebrities.” The possibilities are endless!

With CarePak™, patients are given helpful information in a convenient, hospital branded booklet. By placing this information at their fingertips, CarePak™ gives patients the sense that they are well educated about their healthcare and well equipped for a successful recovery.

CarePak™ not only provides improved communication and happier more loyal patients; With carefully chosen information, including discharge orders readily available to the patient, the number of readmissions will significantly decrease

To learn more about CarePak and how Introcomm can help your hospital with marketing, patient experience and HCAHPS needs, please contact us today.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to our blog. We hope to share some great educational information with our readers as we all pursue a shared goal of enhanced patient experience!

Introcomm is an industry leader, specializing in improving the patient experience and boosting HCAHPS scores by enhancing the admission and discharge process. We are experts in improving the patient experience by maximizing communication, expanding patient education and connecting and engaging patients with our medical partners.

Introcomm exists to connect institutions and their charges in a meaningful way with tools and resources that foster trusting, loyal and committed relationships. Our success is funded in that of our partners. Our job is to educate, communicate and engage our partners with those they serve.
Enhancing the Patient Experience by improving the Hospital Admissions and Discharge Process
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