Is Your Hospital Staff Inspired to Provide a Great Patient Experience?

Posted on October 2, 2012. Filed under: Patient Experience, Post By Christy Whipple |

An inspired employee gives his or her all to their employer, and is constantly striving to be and do their best; to use their skills and talents to their full potential.
Christy Whipple


“Inspired employees contribute to a positive work environment that can be seen and felt by patients… [it is] a necessary factor for a positive patient experience.”  According to Dr. James S. Compton, an internist with South St. Louis Medical Associates in Missouri.

Included in virtually every hospital’s mission statement is a phrase about the establishment’s dedication to provide quality care and service. This is a noble vision. But, let’s ask ourselves honestly; is our staff truly living and breathing that mission every single day? Chances are, even the most well intentioned mission gets lost somewhere within your staff’s exceedingly busy schedule and extremely long task list. It isn’t a unique situation. Most mission statements are not translated into action. Not only do employees not remember the mission statement, they aren’t really sure about what they are supposed to do to support it.

Fortunately, inspiration does not come simply from memorizing a static mission statement. It comes from a sense of commitment and enthusiasm. Are you yourself passionate about the mission and goals of your organization? If not, there’s very little chance you will be able to inspire anyone else. You may need to work on re-energizing your own commitment and enthusiasm about your career; to once again feel like you’re out to change the world.

Once you have effectively adjusted your ideas and goals regarding your hospital’s mission, articulate and share the mission (not just the words, but the purpose, goals, actions and metrics) of your hospital with the employees. This will give them a sense of belonging and a connection to the big picture. It is much more inspiring to share in a “mission” as opposed to just accomplishing tedious work tasks.

“Do happy employees make happy patients? Certainly they create more satisfied patients, certainly more loyal patients,” Judy Bee, a Medical Economics editorial consultant says. “And, when you have employees who will go the extra mile ‘just because,’ you’re going to have patients who wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”

To learn more about initiatives that work, and the importance of employee involvement, contact us to schedule a complimentary webinar.


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