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Patient Engagement and the Effects on Recovery

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Patient Experience goes far beyond the quality of the actual medical procedure. 
Christy Whipple


According to a study published in Caring Magazine, an excellent patient experience directly correlates with the recovery process. Patients who had rapport with the medical staff trusted them and followed their directions. This correlated with reduced length of stay and reduced adverse events (readmissions).

Patient Experience goes far beyond the quality of the actual medical procedure. Patient Experience begins with great customer service the moment a patients walks through your doors. Service continues through the admissions process, into their treatment and care, the discharge process and even instructions carried out after treatment.

To learn how Introcomm can help improve the patient experience at hospital, contact us today!

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Patient Experience = $$$ for Your Hospital

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ImageEffective October 1st – VBP and HCAHPS scores will directly translate into reimbursement changes”
Christy Whipple

Hospitals with high performance scores in patient care are more profitable, according to a new Press Ganey report. The top 25 percent of U.S. hospitals with the highest HCAHPS scores, on average were the most profitable and had the highest clinical scores. This suggests that patient experience, coupled with clinical outcomes, can mean financial profitability for hospitals.

Now that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) link quality with reimbursements, patient experience/satisfaction is more important than ever before. Hospitals began reporting clinical and patient experience measures through the Hospital Inpatient Value-based Purchasing Program (VBP) on July 1st. HCAHPS score make up 30% of the VBP total. Effective October 1st, 2012, those scores will directly translate into reimbursement changes. Additionally, by 2013, hospitals will actually face penalties for negative clinical outcomes, such as high readmission rates.

To learn how Introcomm can improve the Patient Experience and reimbursement rates at your hospital, contact us today!

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Patient Engagement = Patient Experience

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Image“Engaged patients have a better experience because it is psychologically and emotionally gratifying.”
Christy Whipple

According to a recent Gallop poll published in the Business Journal, healthcare organizations are realizing more and more that “providing exemplary medical care isn’t enough to engage customers [patients]. From a patient’s perspective, excellent medical care is the least a healthcare organization can provide.” Most hospitals recognize this and have broadened their focus to include “the patient experience.”

Many healthcare organizations are making Patient Experience their  main focus. According to HealthLeaders Media Patient Experience Survey – 84% of hospitals surveyed ranked patient experience “among their top three priorities.”

The most popular method of improving patient experience is to improve the patients’ image of the hospital; typically through physical grandeur, such as the trend for hospital lobbies that look like those in upscale hotels. Though well-intentioned, these methods seem to miss the mark. According to Gallup’s research, they won’t necessarily create a lasting emotional connection with patients. And that emotional connection — customer engagement — is the key to developing patient relationships that are enduring and profitable.

Gallup notes that obtaining healthcare is more than a financial transaction – it’s emotional. Patients desire to be engaged by the hospital staff. They want to be well educated about their healthcare, and confident in their recovery. If emotional needs are met, the result is engagement that’s optimal for both the patient and the healthcare organization.

According to Gallup’s study, to be “engaged” all patients require the fulfillment of four psychological elements:

  • Confidence reflects the belief that patients can always trust the hospital to deliver on its promises.
  • Integrity reflects the belief that the hospital always treats patients fairly and will satisfactorily resolve any problems that might occur.
  • Pride reflects the degree to which a patient feels good about using the hospital and about how using the hospital reflects on them.
  • Passion reflects the belief that the hospital is irreplaceable and an integral part of patients’ lives.

Engaged patients have a better experience because it is psychologically and emotionally gratifying. And engaged hospitals can count on engaged patients and a better bottom line.

 Engaged healthcare is better healthcare, for everyone. And that is the best definition of the patient experience.

To learn more about patient experience, and the challenges facing hospitals today, schedule Introcomm’s complimentary 20 minute educational “Challenge Call” webinar.

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The Simple Law of Demand: What Baby Boomers Want From Heathcare

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Christy Whipple

The Simple Law of Demand

  • The 72 million baby boomers, that are now becoming the most active consumers of health care, value “the experience” as much as they value any product or service itself.
  • Baby boomers are willing to pay the price for quality healthcare, but they want it delivered their way
  • 63% of patients believe quality is defined by how well they are treated in a hospital vs. the success of their treatment
  • Patients are about 10% more likely to switch hospitals after hearing negative comments about patient care than after hearing about a treatment mishap
  • Baby boomers in particular define quality as the process vs. the outcome-the experience is as vital as the result
  • Hospitals with the most loyal patients had 82% higher earnings per adjusted patient day than those with the least loyal patients
  • Studies show that it costs 7 times more to acquire new business than it does to create the same amount of revenue through simply improving loyalty

To learn more about the challenges facing hospitals today and how Introcomm can help, contact us!

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What is CarePak™ and How can it be Utilized as an Effective Marketing Tool?

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What is CarePak and How can it be Utilized as an Effective Marketing Tool?
Christy Whipple

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And Introcomm’s proprietary CarePak™ is a first-of-its-kind, customizable admissions packet that allows you to deliver your message to your patients in a convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective manner.

This completely customizable and personally branded packet includes: Admission information; Admission and discharge paperwork; Informational guides for patients and their visitors; Hospital resource and directory information; And so much more. We put it all in one convenient package: a single source resource that welcomes your patients to the hospital, explains the admissions process, educates them about their care, and explains their discharge proceedings.

The staff of Introcomm has developed an ideal layout and combination of this much needed information and compiled it for you, relieving your busy admissions team and allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently. CarePak™ assists with the patent perception of quality care. Our studies have shown that communication is the key to successful patient experience.

Throughout the pages of this helpful patient guide, are numerous opportunities to cross-market your hospital’s facilities and services. Advertise your hospital’s eating establishments, gift shops, coffee shops and more. Remind patients of the importance of post stay care by sharing information about hospital sponsored walk-in clinics and rehabilitation facilities. Includes a section of success stories featuring “local celebrities.” The possibilities are endless!

With CarePak™, patients are given helpful information in a convenient, hospital branded booklet. By placing this information at their fingertips, CarePak™ gives patients the sense that they are well educated about their healthcare and well equipped for a successful recovery.

CarePak™ not only provides improved communication and happier more loyal patients; With carefully chosen information, including discharge orders readily available to the patient, the number of readmissions will significantly decrease

To learn more about CarePak and how Introcomm can help your hospital with marketing, patient experience and HCAHPS needs, please contact us today.

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Baby Boomers and Healthcare

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Baby Boomers and Healthcare

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Hello world!

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Welcome to our blog. We hope to share some great educational information with our readers as we all pursue a shared goal of enhanced patient experience!

Introcomm is an industry leader, specializing in improving the patient experience and boosting HCAHPS scores by enhancing the admission and discharge process. We are experts in improving the patient experience by maximizing communication, expanding patient education and connecting and engaging patients with our medical partners.

Introcomm exists to connect institutions and their charges in a meaningful way with tools and resources that foster trusting, loyal and committed relationships. Our success is funded in that of our partners. Our job is to educate, communicate and engage our partners with those they serve.
Enhancing the Patient Experience by improving the Hospital Admissions and Discharge Process
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